St. Gregory’s Academy Campus, Elmhurst, PA

St. Gregory’s Academy was an “experiment in tradition” that began when the Fraternity of St. Peter hired Mr. Alan Hicks as the founding headmaster in 1993. In 2003 the leadership of the school passed to Mr. Howard Clark.

Hicks and Clark were both students in the Integrated Humanities Program at the University of Kansas. and it was there that they were received into the Catholic Church. One of their major influences was the teaching of the renowned Professor of Classics, Dr. John Senior. In The Death of Christian Culture, Senior talks about a crisis in education, the result of a cultural depletion, which nothing short of a genuine restoration will improve. This, he says, “is a deeply philosophical, historical, religious, and personal matter, going down into the roots of our civilization and ourselves.”

St. Gregory’s Academy represented the contributions of Hicks, Clark and their colleagues to this much needed restoration. St. Gregory’s Academy closed its doors in the spring of 2012, after nineteen years. However, it continues to live on in the happy memory of its faculty, its students, their families, and all whose minds were enlightened and whose hearts were moved by “the good, the true, and the beautiful.”

This site has been created to celebrate the history of St. Gregory’s Academy.

“Do you think that the possession of all other things is of any value if we do not possess the good? or the knowledge of all other things if we have no knowledge of beauty or goodness?” – Plato