St. Gregory’s Academy inspired tremendous enthusiasm from alumni, parents, and others who had contact with the school and the boys over the years. Among the enclosed testimonials is a letter written by Dr. David Whalen, currently the Provost at Hillsdale College. Dr. Whalen was a school parent and a member of the St. Gregory’s Board of Advisors during the Headmastership of Mr. Hicks. Sean Fitzpatrick offers a unique perspective on the Academy, given the breadth of his experiences as a graduate who returned to serve as head dorm-father and then full-time teacher.  Carol Long had three sons attend the school, and she offers the moving testimony of a mother who witnessed the Academy’s beneficial effects on her sons in their journey to manhood. Also of note is a letter from retired Marine Colonel, Timothy Gahan, former business manager for the Fraternity of St. Peter. Colonel Gahan addresses specifically the accomplishments of Mr. Hicks in the initial development of the Academy. Lastly, we include a page of testimonial exerpts from but a few of the many letters and correspondences received over the years.