Mr. and Mrs. William Adams

Mother’s Day, 2003

My husband and I consider our children’s education to be the most important task God has entrusted to us.  Therefore, we hold to a high standard those institutions that propose to share this task with us. We must, sadly, observe that the Catholic schools in our diocese are significantly secularized, laying greater emphasis on college placement (not an unworthy goal, in proper perspective) than on handing on the Faith.

While Becket was doing well enough academically, we sensed that his soul was starving. He know something was wrong, but of course he didn’t want to change schools, and he viewed being sent to boarding school as a bizarre punishment. (As a mom, I viewed boarding school as a punishment, too!) After much heart-wrenching debate, we packed him off.

The change in him, after two semesters, is astonishing. I might say, miraculous. A former daydreamer, he pays acute attention at Mass. He voluntarily attends weekday Mass. He reverences the Eucharist. A former slacker, he volunteers to help around the house. He has gone from being a C- student to the honor roll. His world used to revolve around his electric guitar and his devotion to Eddie Van Halen. He is now also adept on the acoustic guitar and hankers for his own banjo. He is well versed in American and Celtic folksongs. He can sing Latin hymns. He has attended a Celtic festival in Pennsylvania and opera and art museums in New York.

Before going to Saint Greg’s Beckett showed no interest in high school sports. At Saint Greg’s his fellow student badgered him to join the soccer team. He gave in to placate them and ended up enjoying it. This semester he eagerly went out for rugby. His voice was absolutely charged with pride when he called to tell us he made varsity rugby (his first year!).

Thank you for letting Becket be a part of Saint Gregory’s Academy this year. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Mr. and Mrs. William Adams

South Bend, IN