Col. Timothy Gahan

January 2002

RE: Mr. Alan J. Hicks; Headmaster, St. Gregory’s Academy

To Whom It May Concern:

From August, 1994 until June, 2001 I was in the employ of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, Inc. (FSSP) as Business Manager of the North American District. During this period Mr. Hicks was Headmaster of St. Gregory’s Academy, the flagship school of the Fraternity. Our duties required close dealings with each other and I came to know him and his family quite well.

Mr. Hicks is a gentleman of unquestionable integrity who consistently produces outstanding results. Having known him for over seven years I can attest to his professional competence, character, exemplary conduct and impressive accomplishments. His positions on issues are well reasoned and evidence careful consideration. He is completely trustworthy, forthright, and scrupulously honest. He has exceptional leadership ability and managerial acumen; is deeply committed to the proper formation and education of youth; and is an inspiration to those in his charge – faculty, staff and students.

It is clear that Mr. Hicks is the person most responsible for the great success of St. Gregory’s Academy. Recruited by the District Superior of the Fraternity in 1993 to establish a boarding school for boys in only a few months with quite limited resources, he accepted the daunting task with zeal. In short order the school was at capacity enrollment, financially self-sufficient, and had an enviable academic reputation. The educational programs designed, developed and implemented by Mr. Hicks produce fine young men who excel academically, are fierce competitors in sports, carry themselves with pride and self-confidence, and are disciplined and well-mannered. Academy graduates matriculate at some of the finest colleges and universities in the country and are model scholars and citizens.

That Mr. Hicks was able to accomplish so much in so short a time with a cold start and lean crew is testimony to his intelligence, versatility, industriousness, and total commitment to the realization of his vision of what a secondary education should and could be. It was a source of great personal satisfaction for me to see the bountiful fruits of his hard labor.

Timothy M. Gahan, Colonel, U.S. Marines (Retired)